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  1. A short film featuring a contact juggling sorcerer. First use of combat CJ that I’ve come across. Very nice.

  2. Hey MoM!
    Greetings from SoCal!

    footage of VIBE XII, first hip-hop competition of the year, is hitting the interwebs…

    Choreo Cookies: pure skill. No fancy lights or costuming; even the music has no words through most of it, just good beats

    Academy of Villians: other end of the spectrum. Still has tons of energy, and just as much character

    Kaori Alive: And in 3rd place, all the way from Japan, a heavy and powerful piece that completely contrasts the many medley-style routines

    gotta get movin…

  3. I feel like this really needs to be a friday fun post.

    Chocolate Dubstep freestyle dancing children/teddy bears

  4. Hello you guys this is my first time here, I’ve been visiting the site for over 2 years know, I love it, but this is my first suggestion, Third World Juggling DVD!! you guys post the trailer a couple of years ago and know is all compiled on 16 parts all available on Youtube on this channel This DVD is FULL with creative stuff a variety of foot juggling tricks (the biggest i’ve seen!), some partner juggling, and the bonus called “wired tricks” which is the one I want to share with you . I really hope this can make it to the blog is a very well edited video, great music, amazing locations, awesome jugglers and I can tell you for sure on of the best juggling DVDs ever made.
    I really appreciate your time, here is the first part too

    Thanks a lot for your time.

  5. This is my new juggling video
    sponsored by juggling planet(a peruvian juggling shop)

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