Polo Balls – Review

Size:75mm / 3″
Surface: A slightly textured plastic, with a smooth slippery surface.
Weight: 100-something grams (TBC)
Price: £2-8 GBP ($2-8 USD) per ball, depending on supplier.
Bounce: Hard ball, will bounce on a hard surface.

4/10 For Isolationist contact

The ball is small, and the surface is rough, like a peach finish. it also has a moulded stamp on the ball, along with some other moulding tells. It’s pretty round though, and from a distance looks a good colour.

4/10 For Butterflies and Arm Rolls

This ball is VERY light, and difficult to feel as it’s rolling over your finger tips. the small size helps it get lost against your movements as well.

3/10 For Body contact/rolling

Small ball, hard surface, very light so not enough downforce to help it create friction against your body. Not good for a body rolling purist.

5/10 For Head and Feet

the size is working to it’s advantage in this category, making it easy to hold on your feet.

4/10 For Throwing and Catching

It’s like using a smaller, more solid, hard shelled stage ball. yuk.

8/10 For Multiball Contact

Nothing beats acrylic for multiball. these balls, however, come close. Very light, weight similar to a wooden ball, so no weight issues. Also encourages a slower and more solid technique, as some of the rolling manipulations can easily fly away from you. the sound as they rub together helps you control your speed by using sound as a guide, along with the friction they have against each other. They slow each other down, but they still want to spin. Quite easy to explode larger formations, so they encourage a lighter touch by the user.


  • Cheap
  • light
  • really good for multiball

  • Lightweight
  • Imperfect surface
  • Very hard/solid
  • one size, one colour only

Ministry Verdict If you’re serious about Multiball, or want a cheap set of balls to start playing multiball with, you need a set of these. otherwise avoid.

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