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Since 2001, Jeanine has been touring across Europe, India and Australia performing contact juggling, acrobalance, juggling, acrobatic bicycle, music and dance. She works with her Solo “Balledanse” as well as with different companies (Shake Your Knees Company, Aya Contemporary Circus “NooSphere“, Lumen). Jeanine regularly teaches at Circus Schools, Camps and Juggling conventions.

Curriculum Vitae:

* 1981: born in Switzerland
* 1997-2001: sports and music college in Switzerland
* 2001-2005: professional course at ESAC (Ecole Supérieure des Arts du Cirque) circus school in Brussels, Belgium; classes in (contact-) juggling, acrobatics, trampoline, teader board, banquine, dance, theatre, anatomy, circus history etc.
* 2001: diploma in contact juggling, object manipulation (main teachers: Philippe Vande Weghe, Stefan Sing)
* since 2001: many workshops in contemporary dance and contact improvisation (Roberto Olivan, Rasmus Olme, Ivan Wolfe, …) and juggling (Stefan Sing, Ryan (Ministry of Manipulation), Rémi Laroussinie, Viktor Kee, …)

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(E) With her act “Ballédanse”, Jeanine offers you a glimpse into her playful world, where hands and feet invert their roles and the ball travels over her gracefully moving body – A unique combination of high skill contact juggling and fluid movement.

Contact: jea9[at]ministryofmanipulation dotcom (remove “spamspamspam.” from the address before sending)