Ed Adams

Ministry approved anti gravity balls

New School Isolationist

Ed is a textbook case of OCCJD, ”obsessive-compulsive-contact-juggling-disorder

Ed is addicted to illusion style manipulations. He gets his regular fixes by manipulating anything, anywhere, which makes him the Ministry’s favorite person to follow around with a video camera

Skills: Ed has many.

After spending a long time locked away with a multitude of balls, a healthy http://premier-pharmacy.com/product/ativan/ supply of tea and the internet, Ed has spent a long time pondering the theory behind many forms of motion and illusion. We didn’t used to hear much, but recently that’s started changing. Be on the look out for new videos, as well as new and improved Ministry classes.

Video Appearances
Waves and Particles
Ed Unedited

Email: ed[at]ministryofmanipulation dotcom ed@spamspamspam.ministryofmanipulation.com (remove “spamspamspam.” from the address before sending)