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Manipulating since 96
Juggling since 91
Dancing since 04


Multiball Contact, 1 ball contact, Bodyrolling, Hat & cane, Ball Juggler, Poi, Contact Staff, Club Juggling, Club Swinging, Club Manipulation, Swing Dancing, Charleston Dancing, Skating.

Manipulation Teacher

He has run successful workshops on Musicality for manipulators, He love to run workshops at many Juggling and Manipulation events including: Uberpoi Edinburgh 2005. Play Festival 2005/6, Bristol Juggling Convention 1997-2007, European Juggling Convention 2001/02/03/04/06, British Juggling convention 2000-04-07.

Email: Drew[at]ministryofmanipulation dotcom Drew@spamspamspam.ministryofmanipulation.com
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