Piryokopi – 2011 Hoop Isolation Routine

In August 2011, Ryan Mellors, Pich, Pilolip and Okotanpe met together at the ‘Maison Des Jonglages” in Paris to try and solve a problem:  contact juggling and manipulation performances often have a small visual effect,  ideal for video but very difficult to play to a large stage or stadium venue. We wanted to create material … Continue reading Piryokopi – 2011 Hoop Isolation Routine

About manipulation

“About Manipulation” is a project wanted, created and directed by Moon and Ministry of Manipulation. We’ve tought there a lot of videos with people playing, and so few videos with people talking about their experiences and ideas in contact juggling. So we’ve tried to show you what’s behind a contact juggler, and what he lives … Continue reading About manipulation

Piryokopi : A collabation in graphic manipulation

Piryokopi is a new collaborative graphic manipulation project from: Pilolip (Fr), Ryan Mellors (Ca), Okotanpe (Jp) and Pich (Fr). This is the first teaser from their work together : three routines of manipulation with hoops, batons and balls. More information at www.piryokopi.net

Pilolip – Contact manipulation in Paris (Hoops and Balls)

Pilolip is a french contact manipulation artist who I worked with during the Piryokopi collaboration (alongside Okotanpe and Pich) We will be releasing a trailer of our new show fairly soon, but until then… here are a few clips of his work. Also, check  out his heavy heavy heavy 1ball isolation, strobing and waving stuff. … Continue reading Pilolip – Contact manipulation in Paris (Hoops and Balls)

Hisui- Buugeng

Great shapes with two sets of Buugeng! Hisui performing at the Open Stage at The EN Fire Festival posted by Yuta along with many other videos including one of Okotanpe with iso sticks and a ball.

Japanese Jugglers #3

3rd in the fantastic japanese jugglers series from OliTheJuggler From Youtube The third installment of Japanese Jugglers – filmed in Tokyo May 2009. Featuring Yuri Yamamoto, Teruki Okamoto, Murakami, Shigezou, Komei Aoki, Masaki Hirano, Okotanpe, Yanai Akihiro and Tanaka Yhei. Music: Love Domination – Takkyu Ishino Japanese Jugglers #2 Japanese Jugglers #1