Francis Brunn – Interviews, Articles & Obituaries

“I find that I am fascinated by controlling one ball. It sounds like nothing, but it is quite difficult to do properly.” – Francis Brunn An attempt to link to all the Brunn articles and pages on the web, if there are any missing, please email, or post in the comments below. Interviews A long … Continue reading Francis Brunn – Interviews, Articles & Obituaries

Francis Brunn Photographs

Today’s first link is Francis Brunn pictures and obituary thanks to Dick Franco (another juggling legend). Dick Franco writes: “Francis was a warm man with a great sense of humor. We spent many hours together in Italy, practicing, talking and, of course, drinking beer.” (note: Dick Franco’s site has very good words and pictures and … Continue reading Francis Brunn Photographs

Francis & Lotte Brunn Videos II & III

This is a gem! I just couldn’t believe that I’d never seen this clip before, I was so happy to stumble upon this old footage from the Lotte Francis Brunn Documentary. and shows that Lotte was also an INCREDIBLE juggler too, although over-shadowed by her brother Francis. And just for anyone who might have missed … Continue reading Francis & Lotte Brunn Videos II & III

Francis & Lotte Brunn Video

Ignore the first 2 acts, the second half of this clip is Francis & Lotte Brunn @ Cabaret Kaivohuone, Helsinki, Finland 1947 A young Francis Brunn, with very ladylike shoes doing very impossible manipulation and juggling, with high speed energy. Wow, Brunn was incredible! Footage I’d never seen before, Thanks to another great manipulator – … Continue reading Francis & Lotte Brunn Video

Brunn’s Act Still Lives

That picture is not of Brunn, it’s his nephew: Michael Chirrick, is Lotte Brunn’s son, he was taught by Brunn. On his site you’ll find 5 videos, 4 of Chirrick (the 5th is the Lotte and Brunn Documentary already posted) if you’re only watching 1, then go for the Highlights video. Now here’s a game … Continue reading Brunn’s Act Still Lives