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Moon was featured in “Imperfect Cirque” and several of the best mulitball web videos of recent years.
“…a MUST HAVE for all the contactari (and in particular manipulators)”

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“Wow! I was really looking forward to this, and it’s every bit as good as I’d hoped, and a lot more.”
“The book is beautifully laid out, full of clear text, explanations and tips for a really wide range of multiball goodness…. The visual presentation of it makes it something I’d happily leave out on my coffee table for non-CJers to flick through too.”

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“As a professional magician, my goal is to master a great deal of Multiball Contact, and THEN to incorporate magical moments inside it…Thanks to you, Drew, now I have all I need… to materialize my dream!”

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“The way the material is presented is very clear, and the way the techniques are sequenced make a lot of sense… I’m so impressed with how much love & careful thought went into this book.”

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::flip flip flip::
::tries to turn page with foot::
::insert sound of scattering acrylics::
Damage report – one hit the brick fireplace, two rolled into the tv cabinet, and one is…. over there somewhere.
random family member: “Why use so many? You can barely hold them.”
“Can’t you see how much fun this is?”

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One thought on “Multiball Contact – Reviews”

  1. I sort of remember what the outside world looks like.

    Haven’t been there for a bit though. Acrylics all have names now.

    Brilliantly Beautiful Book. Well done. 🙂

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