Multiball Contact – Book FAQ


What’s in it?

Almost everything there is to know about Multiball Contact: Contents Page pdf

What level is it for? Beginners or expert?

All abilities. The lessons in Multiball Contact start at the very beginning, for people who have done no Contact at all – not even 1 ball. It starts with 3 lessons of 1 ball technique – Contact Tango, controlled Rolling and Palm Rolling. After that it’s straight into multiball and palmspinning technique.

One of the principles of this book is that 1 Ball Contact and Multiball Contact are not the same thing! They are related and there is some cross over at their fundamentals but you can do one without the other. Multiball Contact goes up from 3 to 11 balls, so it gets pretty difficult near the end, we almost subtitled this book “Multiball Contact – your first 10 years” 🙂

How many balls do I need?

For the lessons 4 balls are required, either wooden or acrylic balls are ideal. Thie first 3 lessons use 1 ball, lesson 4 is 2 ball palmspinning. From lesson 5 onwards 4 ball are required.

But I can’t afford 100 bucks for 4 acrylics?

You don’t need to. We recommend 4 wooden balls for beginners, they’re only about 20-25bucks for 4 balls! Then you can get more expensive acrylics as you progress. My wooden balls are not even round! Wooden balls are not quite as slippery as acrylics, but they have a lovely soft feel, and they’re perfectly good for contact.

What size balls do I need?

Ta Da – as if by magic, here is another sample from the book which give advice on recommeded ball sizes for Multiball.
Appendix 2 – Which size balls pdf

Why should you buy it?

Because it will save you hours, days, months of practice time.
Because its packed full of technique tips.
Because the first half is purely focused on teaching techniques and then the second half is an encyclopeadia of some of the greatest moves in Multiball Contact.

When will it be available?

6th April 2007

How much will it cost?

£15.99 Plus Postage and packing. USA price $30-35

How do I pre order a copy?

Details to follow. Will be posted in the Blog.

Show me a sample lesson?

Lesson 9 – Snakes pdf

What if the hokey kokey really is what its all about?

Indeed. (thanks Peachi)

e-mail questions to: book@this domain.