Zoo #2 Instant Prop Stand (Jay and Wes Video)

Manipulation Research Laboratory presents:
More Fun Than Visiting a Zoo Volume 2-
Instant Prop Stand

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Length: 22:47
File Size: 516MB

How many times has this ever happened to you?
#1. You forget to bring your prop stand and leave it at home!
#2. The airline loses your luggage… again!
Well look no further, because this video will show you how to execute a professional performance every time, EVEN WITHOUT A PROP STAND!
Techniques included on the video demonstrate how to impress a client and nail that gig if your prop stand goes missing. These handy tricks will justify having your props lying on the floor all over the stage. No longer will you have to worry about looking unprofessional as you bend over each time to pick stuff up for your next routine. Transform any stage into a fun working environment with over 20 minutes of sure-fire gold, only available on this download offer today!

Performed by:
Wesley Jefferson Peden & Jay Nathan Gilligan

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