YIPPEEEE! Multiball Contact

Just before the wave arrives and blasts everything away
8 Days to lift off. It’s finally very nearly here and we’ve set up what we laughingly called the Ministry Bookshop so its now possible to pre-order copies of Multiball Contact and ensure that you get your copy as soon as is possible. You can order it delivered to anywhere in the world.

We’re also offering a bulk discount for people who order 4 or more copies in one go, so if there are several of you in one city who want to order together, just e-mail: book@this domain.

Next we’ve got to get it into the juggling shops. UK distribution seems to be sorted ok, via Oddballs. After 2 years, Multiball Contact is finally nearly here and it doesn’t quite seem real….

5 thoughts on “YIPPEEEE! Multiball Contact”

  1. Arnar. We can already deliver individual copies to USA.
    So you could have a copy delivered end of next week.
    Rumor is that we’ll have/ship it on Thursday, don’t even have to wait till Friday.

  2. Will it be sold out in a few weeks or will you have it for a longer time? I don’t have the money rigth now but i definately want it when i have the money! So don’t let it sell out!

  3. Imp. tee hee. You made me laugh.
    Ok, I *promise* It won’t sell out in the next few weeks!
    and I’ll make sure theres a copy put to one side for you.

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