Genki Sudo – “Mind Shift”

Brain explosion! I will now dedicate my life to walking like this.  The song is Mind Shift by Genki Sudo (Genki was apparently a professional boxer (the punching kind)  in japan (link, he starts boxing & dancing at 1:28) before releasing an electro-pop albulm “World Order”. Does anything make sense anymore? Genki apparently choreographed the dance, wrote the music and lyrics, and sang the song).

I’ve had zero luck digging up any info (video/info/history)  and I don’t know who the other dancers are. Help would be appreciated, post in the comments if you know if they are identified by another name.  The style is similar to Umin (LINK) (LINK) , i wouldn’t be surprised if they were related.

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  1. Great video!! Is there anything he can’t do?

    Genki Sudo was one of the most entertaining fighters to watch ever. He would sometimes literally dance around his opponents and then crush them with spinning back fists.
    Sometimes, though, his entrances into the ring were more impressive than the fight itself. Look around on YouTube, you won’t be disappointed.

    I had no idea he was doing electro pop music now. World Order is apparently the name of the album.

  2. Back in the day he was probably my favorite fighter. He had serious skills, he showed up to entertain (win or lose), and he seemed like a genuinely humble and nice guy. When he won he usually bowed to his opponent (something of a rarity even in Japan) and then pulled out a big UN flag with the words “We are all one” emblazoned across it.

    Not surprised at all to see him make this transition. He’s a natural enterainer.

  3. Yeah when I first watched it I noticed the many of the moves or sequences I had seen before. The line piece from 2:06, the move at 3:04 (with the liquid arms in the background) which is from the Mixplay video you linked, and I dont remember the Thousand Hand Boddhisatva well enough to know if the last bit was taken directly from it or not. I still love this video though 🙂

  4. Genki Sudo is one of my favourite MMA fighters
    he studied dance and theater in univeristy/college

    he also written a bunch of books, sadly none of them have been translated into english

    here is an interview of him after he retired from fighting

  5. WORLD ORDER is the name of the group.

  6. Awesome. Does anyone know if some of the same dancers also appear on the Missy Elliot video Ching a Ling?

  7. That is THE best movement based thing I’ve ever seen ..and I’ve been watching carefully for over 20 years…thank you whoever posted this> My mind is messed up after watching it.

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