Workshop: Ed in ‘Burgh. [/There is no Crew]

New Dimensional Movement and Manipulation Exploration Masterclass with Ed

When: 28th – 29th May 2011

4 x 2hour workshops. 2 workshops per day, in the afternoon.

Workshop 1 = Posture, body/spatial awareness, efficiency in movement, analysing movement, Balance.
Workshop 2 = Speed Control
Workshop 3 = Waves
Workshop 4 = Illusion disguised as Contact Juggling. Warp Drive Installation session.

Individual Workshop cost: £15
All 8 Hours Workshop cost: £50
With enough interest, Prices will decrease.

Numbers limited to 25

Venue: TBC, Edinburgh, Scotland

Booking Info: Send me an email, and I’ll send you more details. 🙂

What will be taught:
1 = The base code. Re-introducing people to themselves, how they move, and how to use it to our advantage. Your body is a prop too.
2 = How to stop, move slow, and move faster.
3 = Waves are more than just a dance. They go pretty deep too. I’ll help you understand them better.
4 = Illusion style Contact juggling. How to hold any prop, and make it look interesting. How to keep things still, move around things, and move things. Mind over matter.

Time to see what’s really going on! These techniques translate very easily to other areas of manipulation and performance, so even if people aren’t into contact juggling, you’ll still take away a huge amount of invaluable knowledge from the workshops. I’ll install your ‘Warp Drive’, and make sure it’s functioning correctly. You won’t see things the same way again.

Come play, and Join the Crew that isn’t!

5 thoughts on “Workshop: Ed in ‘Burgh. [/There is no Crew]”

  1. man, I’d love to visit one of your workshops (all 4 of them preferably)

    is there any chance, that you’re coming to vienna anytime this year?

    and are you on the ejc?


  2. make such an workshop at ejc

    Would love to see all the location you would like to do workshops

  3. Hi, I’m brand new to cu and would like to attend your workshops. Will you be running any other dates/venues?

  4. Hey Ed,
    I’m definatly going, im staying with willand ive booked my train!!! 😀
    Is there a concession rate, it’s a bit steep for students 😀


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