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YouTube – Michael Moschen – ‘Light’

For those that haven’t yet seen it; Michael Moschen’s routine ‘Light’. One of the many amazing conceptual http://nosubhealth.com/ routines created by Moschen. This routine was created in 1985, and this video is from the PBS Special, ‘In Motion with Michael Moschen’

More Information on Moschen can be found at Michael Moschen’s Webpage and also in the articles section os the Ministry, found HERE

I must say, Video comes with a Leather Thong Warning of 10, but damn… Still a timeless routine. Thank you, Mr. Moschen.

A must-watch for anyone who plays with balls.

3 thoughts on “Michael Moschen – Light”

  1. YES!!! Finally i get to see this. I wanted to for a loooong time already. Thanks thanks thanks you made my day. Amazing indeed. I loved it.

  2. Hey Ed, Very Cleverly avoiding defining what “it all” is.
    “It all” wasn’t “Contact Juggling”, and “it all” wasn’t Ball Contact and “it all” wasn’t palmspinning…..

    I’d recommend that you think carefully before you write your answer on this subject, its a potential minefield.
    Good find Ed, I wonder who posted it, and how long it will stay up!
    Smiles Drew

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