What happens if you drop a Fushigi Ball?

YouTube – What happens if you drop a Fushigi Ball?.

As many of our readers are aware, the contact juggling community is currently under attack by a very agressive marketing company who is trying to rebrand contact juggling as “Fushigi.” The company has created a wave of confusion in the US surrounding contact techniques, implying the the ball will float by itself and that the activity is suitable for children.

The fantastic and lovely Dawn has made a series of info-videos aimed at explaining some of the ‘truths’ about contact juggling that Fushigi is neglecting to mention. Her videos are fun, friendly & non-agressive, but they still hit their mark when it comes to undoing some of the lies that Fushigi is telling. Plus, they reveal some serious defects in the design and manufacturing of the Fushigi Brand contact juggling balls.

Other videos in the series:

How is a Fushigi Ball like an Orange?

Fushigi Ball review – FAIL!

Dawn is working on a new one: What kind of ball is best for learning contact juggling? (with a special guest appearance from Drew!)

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