Wes Peden – Counting Escalator Steps

More funky club goodness from the hard-working Wes Peden.

From Youtube:

PROCESS: I do some painting and most of the time i have no idea what i am going to paint till i see a color i like and just work from that. This video felt quite much like that.I knew for a while i wanted to make a video with these trapping and tipping patterns but i didn’t know what it was going to look like or what style it would be or anything like that. When the clubs came i saw how beautiful they were and some images came into my head for what i wanted to do. The day before Jay told me about the band mum and i had been listening to their music a lot and thinking what visuals would look nice with it.
The day i went to shoot the video i walked into studio 10 and there was this beautiful beam of light shooting down out of a high window into the room (you can see it at the beginning of the movie) i immediately tried to shoot some juggling with it but after a minute a cloud went over it and made my soul cry salty tears. I went to the janitor and asked if i could barrow some floor lights for the day and he was super cool and let me do it. So i tried to take all the half formed images from painting, the clubs, the music, the sun and make it into one piece.

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  1. Every time you think a limit has been reached Wes is there to push it out a bit further…inspirationally creative.

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