Wes Peden and Patrik Elmnert : Duet for the King and Queen

Wes Peden and Patrik Elmnert performing a club juggling duet for the King and Queen of Sweden. (Link Via StreetJuggling.com)

As a juggler, I love this video. I’ve spent a lot of times on forums and in closed circles of jugglers, exchanging tricks and concepts for one another.  Often these tricks are abstract and conceptual; weird variations on neat techniques and things that ‘other jugglers would find interesting because they understand this stuff.’  Youtube is full of awesome juggling ideas and discussions between jugglers. And there is such an excitement that comes from these moments of innovation and discovery when a new technique is explored. This video is full of neat stuff like that.

But Wes and Patrik are sharing that excitement and love for funky weird juggling with everybody, not just other jugglers.  When Wes throws that ass-wrap pass at 0:39, I can’t help but think “Does that royalty guy picking his nose really know how insane that pass is?”

But you know what? I think he does. Watch the faces of the crowd. The experience of watching this intricate dance of clubs being exchanged between the jugglers is full of these moments of  ‘omg what a neat idea’, which is why the experience of the piece is so enlightening, the dance is so unique and marvelous. And flawless!

Good job Wes and Patrik. You make the juggling that everybody likes. After that last amazing wine-bottle-trio video, you guys are fast becoming the classiest jugglers on the planet.

3 thoughts on “Wes Peden and Patrik Elmnert : Duet for the King and Queen”

  1. “But you know what? I think he does.”

    Personally, I don’t think so. I mean they did a great job filling their 2 minutes with awesome and creative and aesthetically pleasing tricks. They did what they though was expected of them. Alternatively they could have done more traditional and easily comprehensible tricks that followed more of a logical flow to help the audience see what they actually doing, like trick progressions starting from basic face to face passing and ending at what they are doing here with no fixed body positions or orientations. But to fit that in 2 minutes is extremely difficult. Either way what they did seemed to please but I’m sure that they must have lost the attention from some people right from the start, simply because the ideas are too abstract and quickly displayed

  2. I’m being a little pessimistic, but I have to agree with manch… I think most people where either not giving a crap about the show, either “waowing” after each trick even if they didn’t know how difficult it was, or wondering when they would take the other 5-6 clubs and start juggling with’em…

  3. I loved the fact that it looked like a couple of young tyros just messing about…then nailing an awesome ending to say…here’s juggling for those of you who aren’t seeing it in what we’ve just done.But don’t you think it’s always the case when incredible stuff is ‘served up’ to a Royal/vip audience …whether it’s music, gymnastics or whatever…they will always just clap politely whereas if it was to an audience of those ‘who know’ they would be out of their seats & whooping. |I think it’s great that jugglers are presenting their stuff at the ‘high prestige events’…it’s a long way from the ‘streets’.

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