Where is Kliff (!!!!!!!!!!)

Two friends of mine went to Kiev to train juggling with the crazy kids there. I talked to one of them (Petter) the other day and he said that they would be posting a video of some stuff they had been doing there along with some of what the ukranian guys are working on.

HOLY SHIT! I got so excited watching this! I’m not going to spoil the surprises for you but it’s an amazing video with incredible  technique and super new one ball and three ring work by the swedish representatives.

Make sure you check out Petters other video and subscribe to his account. He’s one of the coolest smartest jugglers I know and for sure someone to keep an eye on if you like awesome things.

8 thoughts on “Where is Kliff (!!!!!!!!!!)”

  1. Holy Cod fish! there’s my dose of inspiration for the month.. that head roll at 1:58’ish is a real cookie spitter..

  2. Tony- Ring “kid” is Petter- we blogged one of his vids before. good ish.
    the other Swed is Gustav- guy doind all the crazy stalls with the russian ball at 1:30. I heard he was off to Lido now.
    Koblikov- dude with the sick multiplexes. unbelievable.

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