Multiball Contact – our 2nd Review

Khan on HOP and .org Writes about Multiball Contact:

“My copy arrived today. I had it delivered to work as no one would’ve been home to receive it. I couldn’t really get into it properly at work, but upon first glance was really impressed with the layout and graphics, as well as the wealth of information. I went through the first 3 lessons tonight — since I’ve been playing with balls for 16 months now (still a noob, i know) the material in the beginning wasn’t new to me, and I was already doing a lot of it, but since I’ve focused more on body rolling all this time, I wanted to start at the very beginning and review the basics. I really focused on palm rolls and moving the ball around me in a different way, and 2 handed rolling is just not something I ever think to do, though I can. I guess I had the knowledge before but not the full understanding of those very basic concepts. The way the material is presented is very clear, and the way the techniques are sequenced make a lot of sense (I did flip ahead a bit, how could you not?). I’m so impressed with how much love & careful thought went into this book — Drew! you should be so proud. Hats off to you.”

Cool, Thanks Khan, glad you like it. and I can’t believe that it Got from London to San Fran in just 3 days.
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