Vyatkin “Juggler with Sticks”

A Russian Juggler in a circus environment doing 2-3-4-5-6 stick juggling. Sticks: like clubs, but larger, and without the helpful weighting. He’s got an insane dance style. I just can’t believe he’s doing 6 stick juggling. Immense.

2 thoughts on “Vyatkin “Juggler with Sticks””

  1. I used to juggle at Butlins in Minehead with this guy. He went under the name of ‘Mr.Alex’ at the time. I loved watching him but it was rare that he ever got even close to a clean run and consequently he never went down as well as he COULD have done.
    We also called him ‘crazy Alex’ as his style and whole demeanour was very much as you see it here on this clip.Great to see him again…..thanks Ministry.

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