Video Michelle Smith Baton

Supergood Baton Twirler from Canada

Video Linkies:
The first link is my favorite:

Expect to see: Lovely routines, and super hot technical baton twirling. I like the way that she keeps the batons flowing a lot more than other baton twirlers tend to do, and she doesn’t break plan soo much either

8 times represented Canada at the world baton twirling championships!!
Heres a profile about her:

And she is responsible for one of my all time favorite stick clips
the clip is “michellefreestyle2003.mpeg” or “michellefreestyle2003shithotbatongoth.mpeg” !! as it was retitled.
But I can’t find an online version of this at the moment

It’s What happened to this one in just 2 years? She got cool !
and still kept winning,
you’ll find some of that clip in meg’s Stolen spinning – the goth with the pentagram on the back of the costume
Dr Ew

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