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Happy Monday, and what does this Monday turn up on Drews video Blog?
This nostaligic old clip will charm all the silent movie buffs.
A Historic film from the pathe News Archive showing Col. Sgt George Simpson in 1933
Flag poi and club swinging in the UK.

Follow this link, and you should find a free preview low res download at the bottom of the page:

In order to download you have to go through the whole basket thing. but It won’t cost any money, and its well worth it as you can get a lot more historic videos of all kind of interesting things – a great site to waste days on. theres at least 1 more club swinging clip.
british pathe

So for a couple of days I have put the little puppie up in my gallery here:
catch it while you can.

“Since the world’s beginning, we’ve all searched for that “youngish feeling”. “Club swinging” keeps this 67 year-older young!” Elderly man stands in front of a curtain in the Pathe studio demonstrating his club swinging technique. “Hard as nails and fit as the proverbial fiddle through club and flag swinging” (says Geo. Simpson, late Col Sgt, Middlesex Regt.)”

Closer view of George as he swings a Union Jack and a Stars and Stripes around his head – very patriotic! L/S of George flag swinging. “Slow-motion shows how complete these exercises are for the arms and shoulders”

Slow motion footage shows flags off to best effect. “Incidentally, the flags are not fastened to rods as they first appear, but just weighted with shot and roped – the speed keeps them taut.” Another slow motion sequence.

OK, some other historical sources:
Over at “The Journal of Manly Arts”* ( )we have:
Club swinging – (not video)

and stick fighting:

*Not wishing to be associated with some of the more “fance figures with club swinging” which I guess will be somewhere in “The Journal of Girly Arts”.


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