7 thoughts on “Traces – seven fingers”

  1. You guys really like Traces! This makes the fourth post on their work:





    Not knocking Traces—I think their videos are cool, too! I just think it’s funny how many times they’ve appeared on this blog, and thought you guys might get a laugh too if you realized.

  2. So that was amazing, and i am now completely smitten with Helouise. Although who wouldnt be. After watching both the Traces, and Streets vids, it is impossible to not be stunned. And now i have to go find me a big metal hoop and a left over lay-z-boy. 🙂

  3. I saw this vid yearssssss ago! get on the ball guys…

    Plus I saw them twice at the edinburgh fringe! SUPER WIN!

  4. I saw the show during its run in NY. It was great. The overall story needed to be more cohesive but the skills and the way they were displayed were excellent.

  5. just saw these guys perform at the Theatre Royal Brighton as part of the Brighton Festival & they are absolutely amazing, utterly brilliant. The choreography was terrific & their physical skills are breathtaking. Bravo!!

  6. Saw them tonight and would like to go back and see them again tomorrow. Great energy, creativity and music. Great for older children and teens too. Thank you guys for illumiating my evening.

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