Tomás Di Tomaso – Colegiales

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Original full quality video here: On Vimeo.

Whaaaaa! Super nice style, super nice devilsticking. I don’t know much about devilstick, but I like what I see!

Tomas Di Tomaso has made this beautiful video. I said some otherstuff that wasn’t true before. I got things wrong. But Drew is decorating his bathroom so I guess I can do what I like. 😀 Ha ha!

Tomas is from Argentina, and has a website here: (edited to update url)

7 thoughts on “Tomás Di Tomaso – Colegiales”

  1. i love how he makes it look almost “lazy”, oh gee I’m bored i think i’ll flip this stick around for a bit, in incredible ways, then just drops everything, oh enough of that then.

    Very well done

  2. wow this was really cool….
    finally devil-sticking in a non-classical way…
    and you look so wonderful bored doing it

  3. Antes que nada gracias por postear el video. Segundo, el video no fue grabado con el objetivo de ningún sponsoreo de Dubé, sino que lo grabamos de manera independiente con un amigo en Buenos Aires. (El link original se puede ver en Vimeo:


    Before starting I would like to thank you for posting the video. Second of all, the video wasn’t recorded for making real any sponsorship from Dubé, we have recorded it with a friend in Buenos Aires (You can check the original link at Vimeo:

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