Tokyo Portraits – Okotanpe

A very well edited clip of Okotanpe, whose performance at the Japanese CJ Convention became the most viewed Contact video on the internet.
Thanks to Jesse for posting it on .org, there’s a translation into English on that post.
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This dude was a EJC this year, met him, but stupidly, I didn’t recognise who he was, until after we got home. Doh.
He even performed the open stage, but somehow we managed to miss the performance, Doh*2. EJC is BIG!

3 thoughts on “Tokyo Portraits – Okotanpe”

  1. I didn’t realise he was at the EJC. I’d love to have thanked him for the inspiration he’s provided me with over the last year.

  2. Damn, that slow-motion footage just makes his isolations look even more breathtaking. Total envy for his promo vid and mad skills.

  3. I got to jam a few times with him at the ejc, totally inspiring, really creative, one of the high lights of the festival for me!

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