Tokyo Juggling Night with Okotanpe.

Bootiful video by Yuta and Okotanpe. Youtube Link

From Youtube: Camera Canon EOS Kiss X3, Kit Lenses + EF50mm F1.8II
Directed by Yuta

Music : Satoko Nakamura
Performer : Okotanpe

GIANT AMOUNT OF EXCELLENTLY FILMED WIN. [This is not a smoking advert. Please do not start smoking. Smoking will not make you a better contact juggler.]

3 thoughts on “Tokyo Juggling Night with Okotanpe.”

  1. Thank you for posting, and noting about smoking.
    I used too much smoking footage, but I don’t smoke actually.
    I’ll make a poi video with this toy (camera) later:)

  2. Such greatness; Yuta you have captured the feeling of busking in a large city perfectly.
    thank you for this.

  3. Amazing! Absolutly amazing! You did a great job with the camera angles and showing other people watching. The music was nice too!

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