This hat routine is very good

Even the briefcase stuff surprised me.
I have no idea what the name of this performer is.  Can someone help? Guan-Ting Chen (???) from Taiwan – see the comments.

One thought on “This hat routine is very good”

  1. Hi Ryan.
    This is Nao from Japan, I go to Taiwan quite often, and know him personally as well.
    He’s Guan-Ting Chen (???) from Taiwan, who graduated from Taipei Physical Education College.
    He’s now a member of the circus art company FOCA ( ) which is the biggest (and perhaps, practically, the only?) contemporary circus art compony in Taiwan.

    It is quite surprising, not only the video itself, but the fact that finally this kind of attractive juggling act came out from Taiwan, to be honest. Taiwan has not been known as a land of juggling, while popularity of the diabolo scene has skyrocketed in this decade, at least from Japanese juggler’s point of view.
    The advantage of the Taiwanese juggling community could be that not only ordinary internet-kids, but many P.E. College students are interested in juggling. (it seems like that, at least, hahaha)
    The hobby juggling scene in Taiwan is yet in growth though, I really hope that more and more Taiwanese people get into this circle of inspiration in juggling society…

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