[/There Is No Crew]

No video here, I apologise, but I have a dream.

I really cannot begin to express the magnitude at which teaching Movement and Contact juggling is enriching My life, and by doing so enriching further the lives of others right now.

It’s amazing. It feels FANTASTIC, and I want more. Watching ripples of inspiration pass from person to person is an amazing process to watch, and it’s exciting me so much to see where Illusion Based Contact is heading right now.

So, I want more. LOTS more. I want to teach the Fractal Method (TM) πŸ˜‰ to as many people as possible, and install warp drives (TM) in people’s minds, show people the wonderful things I see around me all the time, and see what is spawned as my visions are fused with someone else’s. I do have a sinister motive behind this, however, and that motive is that I am bored, and want people to play with. EVERYWHERE. as is the Nature of Fractals, I also learn a huge amount every time I teach this method, so by allowing me to teach you, you will be teaching me.

I call it [/There Is No Crew]. think ‘There is no spoon’. that’s how I see the possibilities of this mission, and f**k am I looking forward to the challenge. A crew is a tight net bunch of people, who know each other. they don’t need to speak to communicate and understand each other perfectly. they just know each other that well. they just know. they bounce off each other. they got each other’s back. they play together. they learn together. they are a pack. They are as a general rule limited to being in the same place, and so limited in size. f**k that, I say. scale doesn’t matter any more, it’s all the same thing, just bigger. and everyone knows bigger is better, right? (I learned one from the americans πŸ˜‰ )

So let’s do it. Let’s bounce. Me and You. Let’s come together and make a global manipulation Crew. Let’s blow up the current scene and make it new, refreshing, and exciting through and through. Let’s end the divides and build bridges anew. But I need your help with this project too. Let’s end this thought that There is no Crew.

I have masterclass workshops to give on Illusion concepts such as Time, Space, Gravity, Energy, Sound, Language/Communication and Mind over Matter, and how they affect Movement and Manipulation as a whole through the mathematical language of Fractals, Chaos, QED, special/general relativity and quantum theory, and just how damn easy it all is, and accessible to the complete beginner. I can teach alone, or I can teach alongside other people, to help make an event similar to the infamous Ministry Workshops we contact jugglers all know and love. I can teach one on one, at conventions, in circus schools, as a guest resident to improve the skillsets, awareness and in turn the learning abilities of your students all in one go. If they will learn, I will teach, simple as.

If you think you and the people in your area can handle a mind explosion of this magnitude (and judging by recent experience, that will happen), and you know of a space that will hold it. Tell me. Let’s Chat. We can make it happen. I will have you seeing the world as I do, as nothing more than a dance of forces, interacting with each other in a way that looks amazing to onlookers, and more importantly, FEELS great too. It’s true, contact jugglers do all eventually go mad. πŸ˜‰

Have Workshops. Will Travel.


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  1. Man! You must come to Brazil!
    We’ll have a local convention in SΓ£o Paulo next month, 20th to 24th I guess.
    And in november we have the Brazilian convention!
    I’m sure they could put someone as amazing as you in the workshops schedules.
    Please, contact me, I’m pretty sure you don’t know my country yet and would be really awesome to have you around for a little time.

    Thank you very much!


  2. Hi Lucas, thank you for the kind words.

    I’m very much still planning everything out.

    I plan to teach in the UK and europe as much as possible to help me visit a friend in Japan in September. After that, I would like to go further afield from England, and spread illusion contact throughout Europe, then the States and Canada, with Latin America as well if I can get over there easy enough. then Australia, then Russia, and Asia… I want the world to dance with me, and I’m determined to make it happen.

    Brazil in November sounds like an absolutely wonderful plan! Next month is too soon. I have no money, and will be using these workshops to fund my travel on this teaching mission. Sunshine instead of cold, aw yeah! I can teach in Spanish, but I don’t understand portuguese. From what I remember, Portuguese speakers have NO problem understanding Spanish, or I can stick to what I know best, and teach in English.

    I know Hidaka well. I should chat with him about getting to Brazil. he has contacts.

    Thank you for the support my friend!

  3. Hey cool post!

    If you are in the Seattle area you should check out Bellingham WA. The bellingham Circus Guild is a member run rehearsal and performance space
    http://bellinghamcircusguild.com/ you can also find us on the facebook

    This is a community of people who teach perform and play. Every 15th of the month we have a fundraiser show that is always packed. We have a space in witch you could do workshops and perform and play. So come by, check us out.

    Awesome good luck,

    Jules McEvoy
    One Fine Fool

  4. I have no friends that practice anything, I am not part of a community or a team of learning souls, and I’m tired of it. Oklahoma is dry of circus and life lesson. I want in on this. It sounds revolutionary. I can get out of here in September. Where should the pilgrimage begin?

  5. Hey man I’m an Edinburgh based juggler . Thom told me about this today while we were jamming , and I’d be more than honored to help you organize the edinburgh one . He told me about how you work , and i feel i need the inspiration to step up my juggling game .
    greetings from scotland .

  6. how about toronto? there seems to be a large enough group of people there, in fact you could conceivably go throughout the US and canada, there definitely would be enough people in the boston/NE area, toronto, austin, colorado, sf, la, vancouver.

  7. Adem – I’m in. my email is obvious. hit me. πŸ˜‰

    Would be criminal not to do a bristol workshop, I suppose… much interest? I’ll have to advertise locally too.

    Planning Newcastle and London also. any other UK juggling hubs that wanna host something?

    Need to step out of UK too.

    For those of you over the pond, i would love to come over tomorrow, I really would. Damn currency.

  8. hey ! im from regina, sk and would love to see about setting something up in my home ! we are very grassroots not many in the scene here but i work with a local music festival and would love to see about maybe working something out πŸ™‚ if nothing else i would go out of my way to feed the seeds of this interesting and wonderful culture in my area and would like to see what is possable when you come around the canada area πŸ˜› πŸ™‚

  9. COOL!

    been a juggler for a bout 2 yars now :/ body rolls are giving me a hard time; if you ever find your self in mexico please let me now. πŸ™‚

    PLEASE, chek my youtube page; any observations will be gently accepted.

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