Hangar Fun / The End of the Hangar

The Hangar [WEBSITE LINK] is a circus studio in East London that the Ministry of Manipulation has called home for many years. Today, June 20th, the residents of the Hangar must leave the studio to make way for the 2012 Olympic developments.
The Hangar
Ryan Mellors lived and trained in the Hangar for 3 years. Drew was a regular visitor, and much of ”Multiball Contact” was drafted during his stay in the studio during the winter of 2005. Jeanine came to visit us during the summer, and Colin and Ed became regular guests in 2006.

The Hangar is documented in the following videos.
Hangar Workshop
Hangar Workshop (promo)
Contact at the Hangar (Available via In Isolation DVD)
Ryan Practice

And of course, most famously, Hangar Fun.


From all of us at the Ministry, we bid a fond farewell to this magical studio.

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  1. Stege6 is currently offline, so that is Hangar Fun. Any chance to have it re-uploaded somewhere else?

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