The Death of Detours

Recently went down, and there are no more sales of the Detours DVD. My guess is they were attacked by copywrite lawyers, who forced them to pay licence fees for the music used throughout the video and they were forced to stop production.

Here is the archive from when the site was still alive. via
Bless you,!

Detours VideoDetours was a masterpiece of illusional styles in dance. If kept alive; that video would have continued to provide an income to the dancers all throughouts their careers; It would have gained more and more exposure and continued to add new inspiration to the dance community. The DVD is still available to buy through several online retailers, but with the loss of, the momentum seems gone.

Floating on the web are the other solo promo releases..
There was also a 2nd trailer for the Extended DVD

And recently, various segments of the solos from the DVD have appeared on youtube.

Try this Link for more video