Teku – Salaryman

Super project by our friend Teku. 30 minutes of bodyrolling/fingerstalls with RdL Props (Rings + Clubs)/Babal/Diablo.

“I’ve made plenty of videos up until now but I felt like creating something more substantial for a change. The idea came several months ago during a very low point at my job, so I used all that pent up energy and frustration and decided to create some new ideas and see if I could take contact juggling somewhere that maybe hasn’t been explored before. Theres plenty more to be done but this is a first step towards where I would like to be with my juggling in the future.” (Teku)

We think this is a big inspirational gift for the contact juggling community. BIG UP for you Darren, really!

Thanks for watching

7 thoughts on “Teku – Salaryman”

  1. Thanks Moon! It’ll either be done this weekend, or if there’s a problem somewhere next weekend at the latest!

  2. hey Teku,
    I really like the color of golden those balls!
    Made in Japan? Are they just simple shells without liquid filling?
    How can I get one?
    Thanks, smiles from Switzerland,

  3. Hi Jeanine!
    They are made in Japan, and they are a little bit lighter than Jea9 balls (basically a bit more hollow). They took a little while to get used to but they feel really good for finger stalls/stack tricks!

    You can get them at RadFactor and Naranja (Japanese online juggling stores!), but I think they are pretty expensive to send unless you get them with a lot of other people.

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