3rd International MoM Workshop in Switzerland

Dear jugglers/manipulators,

I have the pleasure to announce the 3rd International Ministry of Manipulation Workshop!!!!
5 full days of classes with MoM crew and guests from 3 continents: Ryan Mellors (CA), Jeanine Ebnöther (CH), Einhim Short (IRE), Caleb Trott (AUS) and Laura Vogel (D).
For a change (and for easy and free accommodation) it will be happening in Switzerland this time. The (world) music freaks amongst us will be in heaven too, as our host, the OskarMaus Festival is also programming a mass of musicians. Yay. Bring musical instruments as well as juggling props.

MoM will be offering workshop blocks in the following techniques:
contact juggling – body rolling – ball and hoop isolations – club manipulation – contact/double and acro staff – staff juggling – organic juggling – body manipulation – multiple hoops – 8rings – stickball – windstyle – partnering – cj and Alexander Technique – improvisation – musicality for object manipulation – working on/building sequences/an act – collaboration with live musician/group

This workshop is for whoever likes to go deeper in their manipulation, get fresh or unusual inputs, try new techniques (there will be gear to play with!) and exchange with other participants. If you are a keen observer but have never had a go, come along and you will be amazed.

Dates: Monday 3rd Sept – Friday 7th Sept 2012
Times: 9am – 1pm and 2pm – 6pm (= 8hrs!!!! Yay!! Prepare for brain implosions and muscle ache, haha!)
Price: 450 CHF (roughly 370 Euros)
big circus tent, hard and soft floor spaces, mirror wall, Open Stages daily, fire shows and concerts during the week, free play all day and night; market; MoM Variete on Sat 8th; music festival 8th and 9th Sept. (extra ticket).
Festival website will be updated and online on June 12th.

As a MoM workshop participant you can choose the classes you want to follow every day and can put up your tent in the camping area. There is space for camper vans too.

And the great thing is: the closely sited Swiss Juggling Convention will take place just the weekend before (Aug. 31st – Sept 2nd).

So get your mates together and come to beautiful Switzerland, the heart of Europe (am I being patriotic?!? It actually IS pretty here!) Spaces are limited. First come, first served. Should the financial factor be a problem get in touch with Jeanine.
For signing up and info contact jea9 (at) ministryofmanipulation.com

See you there 🙂

Japanese Jugglers #3

3rd in the fantastic japanese jugglers series from OliTheJuggler

From Youtube

The third installment of Japanese Jugglers – filmed in Tokyo May 2009. Featuring Yuri Yamamoto, Teruki Okamoto, Murakami, Shigezou, Komei Aoki, Masaki Hirano, Okotanpe, Yanai Akihiro and Tanaka Yhei. Music: Love Domination – Takkyu Ishino

Japanese Jugglers #2
Japanese Jugglers #1

Contact Juggling Photos

Helene Multiball Contact Juggling
Flickr doesn’t have a contact juggling pool (yet…hint, hint), but it does have an Acrylic balls pool started by Mikaaaa. where we found this great shot of French multiballer LN/Helene by Thoùm from Bordeaux.
Google, as ever is pretty terrible for images, but searching Flickr for Contact Juggling Images yields more results.

Kelvin – Das Supertalent Halbfinale 2008 – Magic Kugeln

EDIT: New link (Link above is dead.)
One of our favorite performers – Kelvin performs in the semi-final of The Supertalent on German TV.
Yippeee. Will he make it to the final? We sure hope so.

Previously on Das Supertalent.
Kelvin’s Website.
– Older clip of Kelvin on stage.
– Kelvin was one of the teachers at The Ministry of Manipulations Berlin Contact Juggling Workshop February 08 at the Katakomben He was so popular, that Kelvin is currently lined up as one of the expert teachers at MoM Berlin Workshop 09 next April – you read it here first.

Good luck Kelvin from all of MoM.
Thanks to Kerry on CJ.org for keeping us informed.

Mam Talent – Kamil Dzili?ski

Yay for Kamil, on the semi-final of Poland’s got Talent (I think) – that’s a lot of balls.
Here is the audition.
First Om (who is currently working on a collaboration with Jeanine), next Kelvin, now Kamil. Wow, Contact Jugglers are rocking the Talent shows this year. Good stuff.

Quality of Acrylic Balls

How to select the best quality of Acrylic Balls and care for acrylic balls.

A new addition to the Ministry’s articles library a 2 page PDF extract from appendix 1 of Multiball Contact online for the first time, which explains how you can select the best quality acrylic balls and care for acrylic.

Not all acrylic balls are created equal.