Contact Juggling Photos

Helene Multiball Contact Juggling
Flickr doesn’t have a contact juggling pool (yet…hint, hint), but it does have an Acrylic balls pool started by Mikaaaa. where we found this great shot of French multiballer LN/Helene by ThoĆ¹m from Bordeaux.
Google, as ever is pretty terrible for images, but searching Flickr for Contact Juggling Images yields more results.

Quality of Acrylic Balls

How to select the best quality of Acrylic Balls and care for acrylic balls.

A new addition to the Ministry’s articles library a 2 page PDF extract from appendix 1 of Multiball Contact online for the first time, which explains how you can select the best quality acrylic balls and care for acrylic.

Not all acrylic balls are created equal.