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  1. Ooh. I love the 1 umbrella part. especially the “walking” balances.

    Rhettie: Please keep comments clean, and non-derogatory – Comment deleted – Completely inappropriate, if that’s the way you think, please keep it to yourself.
    Kyle: Likewise on a lesser scale, hence edited.
    (Fairly sure judging for the style and e-mail that this was not our regular commenter Kyle from Everyone is happy!)

  2. Just found your great site surfing the web. This is quite an interesting video for the dichotomy. The production and quality are obviously the work of a skilled film professional. What’s interesting is the “balance”/balancing act of chosing the performer to be clearly much more amature. The very simplistic and more beginners-act nature of the performance allows the amature performer to look good in a great film, while allowing the film itself to be the true performance. A stroke of genius! I would be interested in seeing more of Tomic’s work with professional/more seasoned performers too. Does s/he have a site you know of? Thanks!

  3. Jamie – I would advise caution about jumping to conclusions that just because one webclip presents a small set of tricks, that this all that the performer is capable of!

  4. I’d like to address this comment to Jamie. I have to agree with Drew about jumping to conclusions. While it would seem that the performer is an amateur because of the laconic pace and ‘laziness’ of the tricks, that is not the case. I am the performer in this piece and a professional foot juggler at that. I do have other tricks and perform them differently, but that was not the intent of this film. We were trying to set a mood–not show off “tricks”. I trained in umbrella foot juggling in China alongside other antipodists and would have to tell you that juggling an umbrella is the singularly most difficult antipodian (is that a word?) prop. Much more difficult than any table, jar, tube, box, or what have you. Do you know any other Europeans, other than Masha Dmitri and Orlene Gentile who juggle an umbrella? There are a couple of kids in Australia, but aside from that–I think the difficulty of this prop keeps people away from it. You want to see seemingly hard tricks? I’ll come over and juggle a table for you. Okay?

  5. It was my pleasure! I am really happy to have been directed to your site, you seem to have a knack for finding some really wonderful things (I mean, not this video in particular, but everything.) You folks seem to have lots of energy! Keep it up, Anika

  6. Anika,

    I read the comments..then watched the video ..then read the comments again. I LOVED the umbrella work…..beautiful.
    I certainly wouldn’t worry about Jamies comments…..no idea what he’s talking about !!
    Ben x

  7. Mensch. I don’t understand this. What it is that is spectacular about the footwork? Nice ok, but nothing deserving of attention- I wonder if ist because of Ministry censorship and felling badly for Anika?Isay- I agree with the first comenter on not understanding the purose of this manequin doll. It appears sexual and not in art ways. Very kommish for me! Anika is ok but maybe she can post this table juggling. I am doubting it is possible, after the carpets? Maybe so! I have seen Orlene Gentile on youtube and agree!her table act is very impressive!

  8. I really really like this film!
    And: I would like to say 2 things.
    First, I think setting a mood is at least as important as the difficulty of the tricks you do. You can show off whatever you want, if the preformance is boring or so a show is not nice to watch. And in this film, I think the preformance is very nice.
    Second: Doing tricks slowly is often far more difficult than doing them quick! You’ll have to be much more in control to do the tricks slowly. And because of the ‘lazy’ mood, the tricks are this slow (I guess?), but it is also more difficult (even if it doesn’t look like that).
    (I’m not an antipodist, but from things I do do I know doing them slowly is more difficult and I think that applies to a lot of things including this :), correct me in I’m wrong)

  9. First and foremost, thanks to all the positive feedback about the film. As a filmmaker I am happy that a piece of work of mine found an audience. And a very appreciative one!
    As for Anika’s tricks, all I can say, to me they seemed impressive enough that they made me want to point my camera in that direction inspiring me to make the film. But most of all, I wish to point out how wonderful and unforgettable of an experience it was to make this film with Anika.
    As for the last two comments from Tatjiana (who misspelled her own name) and (the neanderthal sounding, but clearly a native speaker of English) Mare, thanks for the offers, but no thanks.
    So, I kindly ask Drew or Ryan to remove these two comments as they are, most of all, clearly beside the point. Thnx. Peace.

  10. Stasha – Deleted as requested and a few others.
    I didn’t understand those last 2 comments, but have kept copies/e-mails and IP’s.
    Thanks for the great video.

    There seems to have been a few negative or inappropriate comments made here. We’ve never had that before on MoM, and I’m not sure of the reason (Damn teh Internets speake!!1! it was starting to look more like the comments section of youtube. Ugh). It’s not what MoM is about.

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