Straight outta Vulcan!

New videos!

Bri is one of the fun, creative minds from The Prop Box (which is a unit in The Vulcan building). She also makes wind-up toys. : )

Ballspinning, shes bringing it back.

As a Juggler looking for people pushing limits, I don’t find many hoopers very interesting. With that said…

This is Brecken. She is the ****. For serious.

at Symbiosis 2009

She has a great combination of unique isolation movements and traditional hooping (though, this stuff is far from traditional)

This is her new video, it has awesome concepts, and moves, but not much music I would suggest that you play some while you watch.  Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Straight outta Vulcan!”

  1. brecken is BY FAR my favourite hooper! she has such a grounded badass quality about her… sick skills and a total sweet heart to boot!

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