Stefan Sing – We really like it

A post for everyone who is not at the European Juggling Convention this week, I really like it is Professor Sing’s latest video.
Amazing control and dance skills, both with and without a ball, love 0:30 and the trap catch at 1:41, this deserves a lot more than 600 views.
Can anyone tell us more about this “Brams video Challenge”? It’s already delivered 2 great videos.
With guest appearance from Josh and Valerie’s dragon staff, which really does have metal blades. They’re tough like that.

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  1. oy Drew i talked to stefan when this video first came out.. he asked me not to post it here. the video is a part of some internet project he is doing, not for a social platform like this. Yes, stefan is awesomeness, but we should remove the post.

  2. ooops correction. I saw the video when it was posted (accidentally) weeks ago. Stefan asked me not to publish it right away (until other jugglers had posted their contest videos as well. I guess since he has made it public again, it is free for the world to see. so ok ok fine awesome post thanks drew

  3. Hi,

    a little bit over 6 months ago I asked 9 other jugglers to participate in a juggling video idea:
    Every participant had to choose a piece of music between 3 and 5 minutes long and send it to me as an mp3-file.
    Then faith decided who got which song. Some people were lucky, others… not so much. The idea was to make a (juggling)video on the music that you got within 6 months.
    For instance, Manu had to make a video on the music I chose: “Violins” by Birdy Nam Nam.
    He was also the only one to finish “on time”.
    These are the 9 other jugglers involved: Manu Perez, Stefan Sing, Sander De Cuyper, Jordaan De Cuyper, Eric Longequel, Morgan Cosquer, Wes Peden, Matthias Romir and Marco Paoletti.
    So far, 6 of the 10 jugglers finished their video, some of them are allready public, like Stefans, Manu’s and Erics video, others not yet.
    The idea is to publish them somewhere all together when the 10 videos are finished…


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