7 thoughts on “Stefan Sing – “schubertvariationen””

  1. No kidding, eh?
    I’ve not seen stefan do much with numbers, and honestly i was astonished to see him throw tricks with 6 and 7 balls. Such amazing breakdowns with all of the balls being arranged in lines! And the foot-catches are inhuman. I remember asking him about his technique for the catches, and he was like ‘I dunno, they just stick’ and then showed me a bunch of impossible catches. I don’t get it, its like the balls are metallic and his feet are magnets.

  2. I’ve seen stefan practice all his stuff, probably seen him do as much with 5 as anything else actually. on the rare occation he was actually home, and trained in the kata. But yeah, when I first saw it. I was too like -DAYUM!
    his pattern is so nice and high, and his technique is so damn good lookin. Mmmm

    footcatches. he said, if you want to do them on stage in like 2 years, start practicing now. or something like that. :S.

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