Staff [Manipulation] DVD – Trailer

Staff [Manipulation] DVD just published by Meghan MCP and Steve “NX” Wilson*.

MoM’s got a review copy, we’ll put together a detailed review soon, in the meantime. They’ve done the decent thing and put 4 clips, and loads of info on their site so you can decide for yourself.

Order it on their site, the tax is £16:99 if you live in UK and £17:99 if you live in International.

The original trailer for the DVD:

Inspiration section: Sebastien Berger (bastl), Romain Maguaritte(meast), Marcus Liszt (Fenfire), David Nolan (Fenfire), Kyle McLean, Meghan Pike (MCP), Stephane Cosculluela and Steve Wilson (awesome).

Tutorial section: Spinning, Contact, Doubles. Beginners up (more advanced DVD’s to follow).

Sample lesson – The Conveyor Belt:

*Who edited Foundation 720 Wow. I’ve just realised how much the MoM site really needs a total redesign.

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  1. I’ll be watching the review copy today. 🙂 from the little bits I’ve watched already, it looks GOOOOOOOOOD 😀

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