Speedlinks – 16/04/09

We used to have a “suggest a link” page – Put if fell off the site in one of the updates last year, – So we’ve put it back (under manipulation links). Meantime some people have e-mailed us links, thank you. We’re having a tidy up and posting a few:
* 4 person interactive poi spinning… – link from Splinter on .org thanks.
* Porte à Porte – combines Cigar boxes with digital Manipulation – Thanks to Pich for the Link.
* Nata Galkina. Foot Juggling. Antipoden. ??????? – thanks to Marco Paoletti for the link.
* Nata Galkina (Feet-Füße-????) Unusual love story. – Also sent by Marco.
Mr. Boul Juggling – Some contact, some Baffoonery in a big ball.

You could be forgiven for not knowing that the Ministry just had one of its biggest, and most successful events, a week long workshop in the Katakomb, Berlin. as there has been no write up on here. Some news leaking out on .org. Hopefully if we drop a few hints, Ed will post a longer write up about it.

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