7 thoughts on “Southern Stickball”

  1. B stand for Boris 🙂

    I’m getting some first hand teaching at the moment and I’ve already got a ball. So we play in Berlin?!?

  2. Hey guys thanks for this.
    Jea9 where are you getting teaching? Are you in Australia then…I live not to far from Boris.
    On another note as StickBall grows in size it would be good to think about taking it around the world to festivals…The only problem is that we have never made a cent in the ten years we have been playing, some more positive vibes might help us.

  3. I’ve got an original stick here I could post on ebay, hand wrapped by me.
    However I bet I couldn’t make back all the cash I spent on Sticks n Balls n web domains over the years. Not to mention hours poring over video software until the sun comes up.

  4. Hey ScottNoMoney,
    yeah, I’m still in Oz for another week. Melbourne 🙂
    Are you going to European Festival this year?

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