Scot Nery – Hammer and Nail ad

Scot neryScot Nery (of juggles hammers and balances knives in this TV ad.

On his website, Scot states:

This is a national advertisement for the DIY Network’s programming block “Nailed at Nine” Produced by King & Country in Los Angeles. We filmed a bunch of nail juggling and hammer juggling and these were the cuts they liked best.

Tons of people have been seeing this commercial on TV. If you’ve seen it, send me an email and say hi. It’s the best commercial I’ve done so far. Thank you to DIY Network and thank you to TV manufacturers.

hammer juggling

Either this is a CG trick, or Scot Nery is awesome
(or maybe it could be both..)

9 thoughts on “Scot Nery – Hammer and Nail ad”

  1. I had an argument with my friend this morning over whether the last trick is even possible. He thinks it is. I’m not so sure… even with a one-in-a-thousand ratio.

  2. I can’t imagine it being possible… but, who knows? why not ask Scott himself?

  3. I don’t see how a nail would fly straight, point first like an arrow. I could possibly believe it if it tumbled toward the clock rotating (more like a knife or hatchet being thrown) but the aerodynamics and weighting seem all wrong. I suppose there’s no reason that they couldn’t have manufactured a specialized nail for for the stunt. Note that the nail head in the clock seems larger than the nails used previously.
    My suspicion is that just after he balances the nail on the hammer, when there is the lens flair and zoom-out that after that it is CGI. The color and texture of the nail appear slightly different to me. Even if CGI was used for the juggling at the beginning, I have no doubt that the idea for the commercial had to begin with Scott dreaming up the routine and having some success with it.

    Wow, long post… guess I don’t have anything to do with down.

  4. well, as for nail aerodynamics, there are cetainly lots of nailguns that would beg to differ with thier abilit to shoot nail relative straight across rooms. As for honing that kind of force, along with the timing, angle, and dumb luck it would take to perform the final trick not so sure. Has anyone here attempted to ballance a nail on the point end with a hammer…./me wanders off

  5. Well, nailguns fire at around 60-70 mph – so you’d have to be swinging your hammer at around that speed. It’s not totally impossible, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg – you have to hit that nail square on in a pretty small period of time. Considering how easy that sort of shot is to fake (hit the nail, cut, wham!) it seems unlikely that bit’s real.

    I’d love to believe in the juggling, though!

  6. Hey guys. I can do some balancing and bouncing. It’s tough and uses a lot more force and movement than seen in the commercial.

    We shot stuff with the nail and stuff with just the hammer. Everything you see in the ad uses a computer generated nail.

    I wish that I could say I did some of the stuff in the ad, but they did make me look like a god! Oh, I did a terrific shoulder throw with the hammer!

    I may be working with DIY Network again and doing some other cool tricks.

  7. Awesome! Thanks for that response, Scot!
    You’re right; your skills came out looking godly in this video. Let us know about future projects…

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