Santa Cristal 1: Email from Daniel Valderrama

I get the nicest emails from our M.o.M readers. It seems we have caught the attention of a lot of super-talented people.

Here is an email I got today from Daniel Valderrama of Colombia. I’m posting it in full here because I’ve now decided that he and his friends are awesome.

Hi, my name its Daniel Valderrama and I`m from Bogota Colombia.
firstable i want to thank you for your page, I see all days the ministryofmanipulation, and i find allways nice videos and nice informacion.
I`m a juggler and I go to the film school, and for a cuple of months i do juggling videos with my friends in Bogota.
i want to invite you to see the work of my friends and my, and if you like will be realy nice for us to be in your blog.
I have my videos in youtube, my chanel its “danymaromas
I hope you like it and, will be nice to know wath do you think about it.
a big hug from Bogotá and sorry about my english

thanks for watching us, Daniel.
I’ll be posting some of the videos you’ve sent me in blog posts this week; I’m really amazed by the level of skill and innovation in Colombia 🙂 greetings from the Ministry.

4 thoughts on “Santa Cristal 1: Email from Daniel Valderrama”

  1. Ok, that was just plain amazing!
    though i must say i liked the music much better in the part two vid!
    el es muy sauve y su control es cerca de perfecto!

    lo siento sobre mi españo; 😉

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