Sander – Full Frontal

This link comes to us via Everyone is Happy Productions, a splendidly good juggling and twirling blog:

I was reading the wonderful and splendorous Ministry of Manipulation blog and watched an amazing medley of jugglers in Amsterdam. One of them, Sander, really stands out. Amazing 3 club legos. I’ve just been getting into these. Such a nice way to play with clubs…
So anyway I went and had a look on the tube and found a whole video of this man’s goods. This would have to be about the most excited I’ve ever been over lego since turning 6. Check out the bounces as well.

Indeed… I share your lego love.

3 thoughts on “Sander – Full Frontal”

  1. Watching it again.. that stuff is airwolf.
    (airwolf meaning cool… for those who never saw that spoken word thing on that blog… who am i kidding? … nobody saw that…. I can use such obscure slang.)

    That stuff was bulk.

  2. new video is coming up, this time together with Jordaan, my youngest brother (green club balances in Addicted) Wait and see…

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