Salsa Anyone? I want more of this! These kinds of movements are something that I would like to see with props… I don’t know how… or with what props… but I want to see them.

The tangled up parts not the traditional type dance parts.

Recommended further viewing here

And of course Wes has kinda already done it. : )

2 thoughts on “Salsa Anyone?”

  1. Partner poi has the potential to get some really weird and complex tangles and interlockings such as these, though it is still in its infancy so it might take a while.

  2. Greg and I were just talking about dance/manipulation synergy last night – particularly that bellydancers and breakdancers seem to have an attraction to contact juggling. No mistake, since they both deal heavily with isolation. But what about other dance forms? Are there dance forms that include lots of spin/antispin? Strange balancing? What else?

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