9 thoughts on “Ryan – ‘Instinct’ contact juggling promo (recut)”

  1. simply fantastic *__* minimal in its magical atmosphere..I love your work ryan..you’re doing it VERY well 🙂 congratulations from sigalit production 😀

    you’re magic!


  2. Sweet, that one was an unexpected surprise for me this evening 😀 thanks. Good one.

  3. Nice work man. some of your four-ball stuff is going to plague me all thru EJC without you there to teach it.

  4. magic! cool video. I loved the shot with the three ball spin and the fourth ball in the other hand around 00:38. I was like wtf :O
    nice video man.
    I think you zoomed in too much on the hoop stuff though

  5. Wonderful ideas, Ryan!
    I love the editing and your contact world in general…thank you! ^^

  6. Again, again, very fine work!

    I know it’s irrelevent, but why did you choose to look into the lens so much? It’s what they tell everyone not to do, and rightly so. Why violate this “rule”? It pulls the viewer away from the work to look “back” at you, so the work becomes harder to see. Not a quibble, but curiosity. You must have done it deliberately, eh?


  7. Hi Eric!

    Actually … the reason isn’t too interesting. I normally practice in front of a mirror; and in this video the playback window on the camera served as my mirror. It really helps me tighten up all of the illusions when i have direct visual feedback from an outside perspective. It certainly looks like I am looking into the camera lens; but really I am looking just off to the side of it 🙂

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