Reminiscence – juggling animation

Morg from brings us a cool rotoscoped animation using various internet juggling videos as source footage. The contact juggling clips feature Greg Maldonado, Remy Holwick, Jea9 and Ryan Mellors.

Also shown:
Contact staff – MCP
3 Ball juggling – First is Bill Berry and 2nd is Stefan Sing
Hooping – Alexis

7 thoughts on “Reminiscence – juggling animation”

  1. Yay MCP joins us in this wonderful wobbley everyone-blended-together world!
    Thanks again, Morg; i really enjoyed this.

  2. I usually don’t comment on videos, but this is the best and most artistic video I’ve seen in a while. ESPECIALLY that trick with the stick, just perfect.

    Gratz guys…..

    (what isthe song on the background?)

  3. Hey guys. Many thanks for the kind words and putting this on the MoM Blog! I’m the process of fixing the credits…I knew I forgot someone. The track is by Dante Bucci. He’s in the process of making an album. Catch him at or on youtube.

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