Rodney Mullen

Rodney Mullen

Stretching the definition of ”object manipulation”, here is a skateboarding vid that even you jugglers gotta respect. Rodney Mullen has been doing it with style and innovation for decades… If I were a skateboarder, he’d be my hero.


A skateboarding video in a circus blog… what’s next, eh?

Much Credit to 411 Video Mag for producing the clip.
Credits are important… we are only helping to bring you guys some of the best new circus content on the net. To get these clips from a real life event to the internet, we rely on good production companies out there like 411

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  1. Hell yea i love John Rodney Mullen. He is the worlds best skater. period. He is my hero and idol. i will skate just like him and one day maybe skate with him. Soul Skater For life……

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