Rock On… The Art of Balance

For years, Bill Dan has created some of the most astonishing rock balances I have ever seen, on the coast of San Francisco Bay, California.
Bill Dan

I stumbled across Bill’s site the other day, and I must say, Wow.

Have a look at his site, and you will find many beautiful photographs of sculptures he has made, along with videos of him doing his thing, as well as information about other rock balancers across the globe. Bill Dan’s Rock Balancing is very inspiring to me indeed, both as a contact manipulator, and a rock balancer.

4 thoughts on “Rock On… The Art of Balance”

  1. I saw some rock balance last weekend at San Diego Bay. Cool stuff. Children where asking out loud ‘How is he Doing that?’ while adults were commenting ‘They Aren’t stuck together?’ when it was demonstrated they could be tipped over… same reaction I’ve seen to contact juggling

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