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“It’s your typical boy meets ball love story.” -Mystic Ball the Movie

8 years in the making, Mystic ball was directed by Greg Hamilton from Toronto and tells his personal story of 24 year passion for Chinlone and the first westerner to play Chinlone at the highest level. More than that, Mystic ball tells the story of Chinlone itself, its 1500 year history, its relationship with Buddhism and of the culture of Myanmar where it is the national sport, played so it seems, by almost everyone, of every age, everywhere. Mystic ball also shows the incredible skill and elegance of some of Chinlones greatest players and coaches, including the Dreamlovers team and Su Su Hlaing.

Chinlone has 2 forms, The team style “wein kat” (meaning: circle kick), and the solo/performance style “tapandaing”. Wein kat performances are accompanied by live music, the players improvise to the music, and the musicians improvise with the players. The live atmosphere in those performances made me promise myself that one day I would go to Myanmar watch them.

As with contact and juggling, Chinlone is fantastically difficult, one beautiful moment comes when Greg, after training on his own for 14 years, plays in a circle for the first time; “I sucked.” he says “Even the little kids were better than me!”

The veterans team, left me absolutely speechless. 6 players all 65, 75 and even 85 years old, playing and performing Chinlone.

….Mystic ball will engage you in a beautiful story about the happiness and fulfilment that comes from following ones passion.

Jugglers, manipulators, Poi swingers and contact jugglers who love the combination of object manipulation and dance, will love this film, it gets the Ministry top rating – “Highly recommended”.
Mystic Ball – the Movie official website and order page.
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