Recommended balls for 1 ball Contact Juggling Dawn (with a bit of help from Ryan and Drew) has put together this video, aimed at beginner contact jugglers, which discusses the different ball options available for 1 ball contact juggling.
Jea9 balls – 125mm/5″ mister babache Stage ball
Acrylic balls, 75mm, 100mm and 120mm (3″/4″ and 4.75″)
100mm/4″ Hard stage balls
100mm/4″ Stage balls (squidgy)
100mm/4″ Sil-X balls
Wooden balls
Fushigi balls (sorry for mentioning the f-word)
An Orange
Tennis ball and a
Tea cup.


4 thoughts on “Recommended balls for 1 ball Contact Juggling”

  1. My 6 yr old son has seen the commercial for the fushigi and loved it. I would rather get him into the real art of contact juggling. This kid can pick up almost anything. Can you recommend a size of ball? I don’t want to spend too much on this in case he doesn’t get totally into it.

  2. to annette go with a sil-x ball, you can drop em without hurting them or yourself 4inch is a good size, and the sil-x is 3/4 filled with silicoln which makes it alot easier to learn with.

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